Academic Calendar Reform

In October 2016, the Task Force on General Education recommended that the University reform the academic calendar to: move the fall semester earlier; finish fall-term exams before the winter break; and create a flexible period for educational and co-curricular activities in January.  The Ad Hoc Committee on Calendar Reform was charged in spring 2017 with coming up with a specific calendar reform proposal consistent with these parameters.

Princeton's current calendar has many positive and unique features.  In its efforts to develop an alternative calendar, the committee seeks to preserve these positive characteristics while addressing the difficulties created for students by the placement of fall exams in January.

For more details about the calendar reform proposal, the Princeton University community may explore the information provided on this secure website.  Answers to frequently asked questions, the presentation shared during fall conversations across campus, and a complete seven-year cycle of the proposed calendar are all available to those with Princeton University login credentials.

For access to the full website, please click here.