Ad Hoc Committee on Calendar Reform

The Ad Hoc Committee on Calendar Reform consists of faculty, students, and administrators.


Aarti Gupta, Professor of Computer Science (Committee Chair)

Casey Lew-Williams, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Erika Milam, Professor of History

Mala Murthy, Associate Professor of Molecular Biology and the Princeton Neuroscience Institute (Spring 2017)

Gideon Rosen, Stuart Professor of Philosophy; Director, Program in Linguistics

Matt Salganik, Professor of Sociology

Michael Strauss, Professor of Astrophysical Sciences; Associate Chair, Department of Astrophysical Sciences

Pedro Meira Monteiro, Arthur W. Marks '19 Professor of Spanish and Portuguese; Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Sankaran Sundaresan, Norman John Sollenberger Professor in Engineering; Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering



Connor R. Pfeiffer, Class of 2018

Elizabeth Davison, Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Olivia Ott, Class of 2020



Elizabeth L. Colagiuri, Deputy Dean of the College (Committee Secretary)

Cole Crittenden, Deputy Dean of the Graduate School

Polly W. Griffin, Registrar

Toni Turano, Senior Associate Dean of the Faculty

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